Korg Gadget 2 iOS – My Key to Intuitively & Quickly Producing Music

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Korg’s Gadget is one of the best DAWs on the iOS platform. Korg’s Gadget first came on the iOS platform a few years ago, and was the one app that drew me back to the iPhone for complete music composition.

The fact that Korg would design its own DAW including its own suite of synth tools made me Super excited. I had an awesome experience with Gadget, but I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it to be such a great way to get work done.

Korg Gadget Soul Session on iPhone X (iOS Music)

The draw is that you can dive into Gadget and experiment with the various instruments, and also create useful ideas that you can use later by exporting to various formats, such as Ableton Live or bouncing tracks to iTunes or a Dropbox.

The interface is intuitive and provides over 40 small synthesizers and drum machines known as “Gadgets,” that you can easily combine for your musical projects. First arriving on iOS and followed by Gadget for Mac with a really nice plugin collection, Gadget can now be enjoyed on Windows. With a good selection of parameters and included presets and sounds, you are able to utilize these excellent gadgets with your preferred DAW on your Mac/PC.

It’s pretty obvious , when a company like Korg puts their well known expertise in sound quality into the world of iOS music, musicians from far and wide ought to Pay attention.

Mixing is only a portion of the process in any DAW, and personally, I save that part for the MacBook Pro. However, one good thing about gadget is the included sounds and user interface make it simple to work with the presets and get familiar with what you’re doing.

It’s possible to achieve a pretty good mix in various ways. You’ll find that compression and EQ is required on the overall mix for harder punch on the speakers. I think it‘s imperative to keep your mixing expectations reasonable  while working with this app. I don’t feel like the makers have an intention of the app being a final mix DAW. The existence of both iOS and desktop applications  show that this app is intended to be a playground for getting ideas  structured with intent to be taken further in a preferred DAW. It’s still pretty cool what you can do with the wealth of basic tools for production and effects.

One of the most convienient routes they provide is the option to export to ableton for mixing, mastering, and effects. This makes me want to get more familiar with Ableton, but in the meantime, Logic Pro X is where I bounce my audio exports. Everything related to mixing and mastering leaves a bit to be desired and limits how close you can get to completion of your project inside the Gadget environment.

As much as I love this DAW, I regret purchasing the Deemax add-on. I wasn’t too pleased with  how quickly it badly pumped-up my mixes. It really hasn’t contributed anything positive to my projects, but you live and learn.

That being said, I’ve seen some folks putting this app to good use. I’ve contributed to the ‘Gadget Cloud’ as well as followed some creative folks. So it is possible, but not optimal to a project’s end. It still gets an A- rating, as it’s the best app in my arsenal at the time.

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